Category-winner wineries

Rosé - Sike Balázs Winery

“If I’m asked, I always answer: After graduating from university, all I cared about was making wine, good wine...” - professes Balázs Sike. In 2010, the winemaker produced his first original wines under the name Skizo, in pursuit of novelty and perfect quality. Then, from 2018 onwards, he increasingly turned his attention to the wines from their special grapes, which are more organically cultivated
and processed, and thus the Sike Balázs Winery series came into being. The winemaker works on the western, Tördemic side of Badacsony with his family and colleagues. For them, wine means the true reward of the mountain, the vine, nature and the “fruit” of their labours.

Category-winner wine: Badacsonyi Pinot Noir Rozé 2021

Growing on one of the highest vineyards of Badacsony, pinot noir shows its richness best in this ripe, rosé style. Rapid processing and chilled maceration add just enough tannin to produce a terroir wine with beautiful colour tones, complexity and longevity. In addition to the fruitiness of the variety, the mineral richness of the vineyard under the basalt columns makes it a real treasure.