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Other whites - Dobosi Winery

​​​​​​Winemakers themselves, the ancestors of the family came up with the idea of a winery as early as 1721. It certainly took its time, but the idea would eventually become reality in 1988. The initial estate had a 1-hectare vineyard, which has since then grown to 25 hectares. Beyond the vineyard the estate also houses a restaurant, a hotel and a wellness facility. According to the philosophy behind the estate’s organic business, wine should not simply be consumed – it should also be appreciated. And nature should not simply be utilised – it should also be respected. As the company creed puts it, wine has two routes: one runs from the grapes to the bottle, and the other starts when the bottle is opened. With both routes the family aims to follow the wisdom and temperance of nature. The organic farming concept applied here combines centuries of winemaking traditions with modern innovations, without the use of chemicals.

Category-winner wine: Bio Juhfark 2021

A traditional Hungarian grape variety juhfark, which literally translates into “sheep’s tail”, got its name because of the resemblance of its long, cylindrical bunches to the tail of a sheep. Juhfark wine has very steady acidity and ripens pleasantly. It has a pale yellow hue and displays citrus head notes. Then there are the unmistakable chalky tones of the Nivegy Valley carried in every sip and maintained by the nicely integrated acids. The complexity of this young wine is revealed as it flows slowly about in the glass. An integral part of the organic cultivation processes the Dobosi Winery applies is that they only pick the fully ripened grapes, making each glass of juhfark even deeper and richer.