Furmint - Mad Wine Winery

The goal of Mad Wine Winery is to present the unique terroir of Mád through high quality wines. Currently, they own 20 hectares of land, a significant part of which is firstclass vineyards. Most of the work is done in 11 vineyards, especially in Mád, but they also have a vineyard in both Tarcal and Tállya. They specifically chose vineyards that were considered to have  the greatest potential in the wine region since the vineyard classification in the 1700’s. They strove to produce a village-level wine, which boasts the mineral character of the Mád territory, is easy to consume and complies with the highest of quality requirements, while making it possible for an even wider consumer group to become familiar with the characteristics of the village.

Category-winner wine: Mad Furmint Selection 2017

This is a dry white wine, which expresses the greatness of Mád production sites and where the mineral character of the historical vineyards is on display with exceptional depth, owing to the selected, high-quality ingredients. Furmint is a decisive component, paired with the kindness and fruitiness of hárslevelű. Partial barrel ageing contributes to the complex structure, with the spicy notes of the barrel harmoniously complementing the ripe fruity and mineral notes. Boasting a complex acid structure, it is a full-bodied wine with a long finish.

One of the wines of Mad Wine Winery