Category-winner wineries

Cabernet franc - Lelovits Tamás Winery

​​​​​​The family winery is located in Villány. They started farming on a small estate of less than one hectare of the family vineyard. Now they process the yield of 18 hectares. Their plantations are located in the best vineyards of the region. in the Remete, Ördögárok and Jammertal vineyards in Villány, in the Várerdő and Kopár vineyards in Nagyharsány while the Bocor vineyard is found in Kisharsány. They aim to preserve the character of traditional wine-making, finding a balance with modern technologies, to preserve and popularise Hungarian grape species and to represent the unique atmosphere and nature of Villány. All this is only possible with absolute vocation as well as love and respect for grapes.

Category-winner wine: Villányi Franc 2017

The Villány wine regions’ cooperation brought this brand to life, containing only clear, premium quality cabernet franc. It is an outstanding quality item from the grapes of the Bocor vineyard. Extreme crop limitation was applied to the grapes: the permitted amount of grapes was no more than 800-900 grams per vine. The wine was bottled after 18 months’ fermentation in exclusively first-filled barrels. The Villányi Franc represents elegance and harmony.