Category-winner wineries

Rosé - Szentpéteri Winery

​​​​​​The family winery profits from the expertise amassed and nurtured by three generations. 65 hectares in area, the estate is located in and around the town of Kiskőrös, on sandy and chalky loess soil. This allows the production of fresh, vibrant, light and very fruity wines of high quality. The characteristics of the wines are tailored using a combination of traditional and cutting edge technologies. The winery wishes to create characteristic, premium category wines that are not only exciting and unique but also offer great value for money. An additional goal is to improve the prestige of the Kunság Wine Region while also providing visitors with memorable experiences, whether these are guided cellar tours, wine tasting sessions or other types of events.

Category-winner wine: Duna-Tisza Közi Néró Rosé 2021

A genuine rarity, rosé made from a resistant grape variety crossbred by Hungarian winemakers József Csizmadia and László Bereznai. The grape comes from the Csábori Kétsor vineyard which lies on chalky base soil, a unique feature in the Kunság Wine Region. The light rose hue lends the Duna–Tisza Közi Néró Rosé a definitely  sophisticated appearance. The aromas of this wine varietal are as exciting as they are unique, and are characterised by an intensive fruitiness: raspberry, strawberry, cherry and mulberry. The taste of this vibrant, dynamic and trendy rosé is an intricate mesh of layers of the Mediterranean ambiance, refreshing acidity and a juicy finish. The Duna–Tisza Közi Néró Rosé has received due recognition in several Hungarian and international wine competitions.