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Bikavér - Petrény Winery

The Petrény family had been making wine for their own consumption for generations. This prompted the idea to develop the grape-growing and wine-making started in 2002 using modern technology but built on tradition. Cultivation is currently carried out on almost 125 hectares. It is the family’s belief that the basis of good wine is excellent quality grapes, which can only be achieved with careful and committed cultivation. Therefore, they work to help vines and grapes become more resistant to diseases by not overburdening them, and thus reduce the use of pesticides to the minimum, and spray the plants with as little and exclusively green’ pesticides as possible. The juice made of ripe and healthy grapes is fermented with a natural, traditional method, under the cleanest circumstances. The ageing of the wines is helped by traditional oak barrels and the region’s first kosher cellar ensuring the desired parameters.

Category-winner wine: Borgundi Egri Bikavér 2012

Ruby-colour wine turning garnet around the brim. Ripe black berry notes – black cherry, blackberry, blueberry – on the nose and on the palate. A smokiness alluding to barrelageing combined with tones of roasted seeds and sweet spices. Well-integrated, restrained tannins, round acids and easy on the swallow: a really elegant Eger Bull’s blood revealing depth without becoming heavy. This wine was selected as the wine of the city of Debrecen in 2018.

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