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Tokaji aszú - Grand Tokaj

As a successor to the Tokaj Trading House, Grand Tokaj Winery took over a heavy heritage and embarked upon the journey to rejuvenation. Transformation has been ongoing since 2013. Besides the construction of a processing plant that fully complies with 21st century requirements, it has also undergone full rebranding. Tokaj aszú (noble rot wine) is one of the world’s finest and best-known natural sweet wines. The making of aszú is a tradition dating back centuries in the wine region. During harvest the grapes are picked from each cluster individually and then soaked in wine or must of the same vintage. After that comes the pressing, the fermentation of the wine and the ripening.

Category-winner wine: Tokaji Aszú 5 puttonyos 2013

2013 was a very good vintage, because high-quality botrytis-rich aszú grapes could be harvested. The base wine is 100 per cent furmint. Its aroma is very complex: it is characterised by peach, orange peel, brittle, figs and exotic flowers with a hint of dill at the end. Upon tasting one can perceive orange, quince, pear and apricot, with hints of white chocolate, vanilla, and finally, lime, grapefruit, and an aftertaste of coffee. The acids maintain the wine’s round and long body. A true Tokaji specialty wine with great potential, looking forward to a long development stage.

Grand Tokaj Winery