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Olaszrizling - Szöllősi Winery

This family winery is located 65 kms to the west of Budapest. They have vineyards on a total of 40 hectares, growing the local vine varieties of the Neszmély wine region, which is mostly famous for its white wines. The cellar, which has an historical atmosphere, was built by Count Miklós Zichy in 1830. Its restoration produced one of the most beautiful underground wine cellars, where old traditions and modern technology blend together. The cellar’s climate is perfect, the finest wines mature in cooled, stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 4,000 hectolitres and barrique oak barrels with a capacity of 200 hectolitres.

Category-winner wine: Olaszrizling 2017

The grapes of the 2017 vintage were harvested and picked in early October. The carefully vinified wine received longer maturing, first in a steel tank and then in a wooden barrel. A discreet varietal wine with a nice balance, and elegance, characterised by ripe aromas and flavours. The floral-honey notes are accompanied by cool citrusy sourness and a hint of almond. Its delicate, lively acids give it a nice hold thanks to the calcareous soil. Olaszrizling has deservedly been awarded the “flagship wine” of the Neszmély wine region title.

Szöllősi Winery