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Cabernet franc - Maul Zsolt Prémium Winery

​​​​​​The Maul Zsolt Prémium Winery is located in Villány, the “Red Wine Capital” of Hungary. Winemaker Zsolt Maul’s life has been centred around his love of grapes and the Villány Wine Region since his childhood. He prefers the traditional craft of winemaking, utilising the experience passed on to him by his ancestors, which he  combines with cutting edge winemaking technologies. Maul produces no ordinary wines. They have their very unique styles, with each vintage its own. A high alcohol  content, a firm body, smooth tannins and a tiny amount of residual sugar combine to produce truly harmonic wines. Zsolt’s main pride and joy is his own franc wine he called Lator.

Category-winner wine: Lator Villányi Franc 2018

The flagship wine of the Maul Zsolt Prémium Winery and also the most popular, made exclusively from cabernet franc grapes in each vintage. In the franc Zsolt has found the approach that perfectly reflects his winemaking expertise, his life and passion for his trade. The Lator displays a deep dark ruby hue verging on black, with a purple rim. The aromas are exciting at first, then become beautifully attractive. And the taste matches the aromas perfectly. The Lator has a decidedly male  character with notes of sour cherry and forest fruits. A sip of this wine feels extremely rich, juicy and outright provocative. The texture is silky smooth with ripe tannins. The Lator has a long, tender finish.