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Cabernet franc - Juhász Brothers Winery

The family-run winery seeks to craft high quality wines from low-yield level grapes of a distinct character. Their wines are aged for many years in oak barrels and then bottled for sale. The winery’s business has been dynamically growing year by year. In 2018, they invested in a modern, IFScertified bottling line and machinery for reductive winemaking technology. The Juhász brothers started to farm vines on the grape fields they inherited from their grandparents and they were among the first to establish their own winery in the 1990s. At the moment, they cultivate grapes on their own 100-hectare field and integrate’ 200 hectares, i.e. annually they process 2,500 tons of grapes annually. Their dedication and hard work are reflected by the awards their wines have received in Hungary and abroad.

Category-winner wine: Cabernet Franc Grand Selection 2011

The Juhász Brothers firmly believe that the unique character of the Eger wine region can be best shown through slopegrown wines. This excellent vintage Cabernet Franc was made out of grapes from the Öreghegy slope outside the municipality of Maklár using tradition fermentation in wooden vats and manual tamping during the more than three-week soaking on the skins. This was followed by 24 months of ageing in small oak barrels, 40% of which were first-fill and 60% second-fill. Long bottle-ageing lent this wine its full potential. The ripe blackberry and blueberry fragrance aroma and flavours are combined with tobacco and coffee notes. A full-bodied yet elegant red.

Three members of Juhász Brothers Winery