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Other whites - Istvándy Winery

Istvándy Winery is a third-generation winery in the Badacsony wine region. Their vineyards are located in the embrace of the Badacsony, Gulács, Csobánc and Tóti Hills, currently covering 40 hectares, complete with pastures and arable lands providing a home to indigenous animals such as the Mangalica Pig, Hungarian Steppe Cattle and Racka Sheep. Much emphasis is placed on varieties characteristic of the region, such as kéknyelű, as well as pinot gris and olaszrizling. The volcanic soil of the buttes and the local microclimate give wines an excellent acid structure and elegance, typical for the terroir.

Their credo: “We seek out the new while respecting the old, however, the emphasis is always on quality.”

Category-winner wine: "Kékderű" Badacsonyi Kéknyelű 2017

At the beginning of 2017, the Badacsony wine region experienced both cold and warm weather, but for its native, hard-to-cultivate kéknyelű, it was an outstanding year. Istvándy Winery has been involved in the rebirth of this legendary Hungarian variety from the very beginning. Kéknyelű is a fairly neutral species, so it is well suited for showcasing the characteristics of the terroir. The winning wine of the winery is endearingly fresh with reserved citrus notes in its aroma and taste, comely acidity and a pleasantly long finish. A wine of volcanic character, but elegant, with very long maturing potential.

Istvándy Winery