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Bikavér - Takler Wine Estate

​​​​​​A prominent vinery of the wine region, Takler has contributed to the recognition of the wines of Hungary – and, within it, the Szekszárd Wine Region – on both the domestic and international markets for 25 years. Founder Ferenc Takler – Hungarian Winemaker of the Year in 2004 – joined forces with his sons Ferenc Jr. and András to run the 82 hectare Takler Trió estate. Ever since their first vintage wines in 1995 the winery has prioritised local grape varieties, mainly kékfrankos and its “descendant”: bikavér. The Takler wines are characterised by heavy content, refinement, rich varietal characteristics and a long shelf life. Established in the Decs vineyard estate, the Takler Kúria Borhotel has become a popular choice, both as a hotel and a restaurant, offering a romantic setting and a wellness facility.

Category-winner wine: Örökség Szekszárdi Bikavér 2018

The name of this wine shows the Takler family’s commitmentto nurturing local grape varieties and wines. This premium bikavér was made of a selection of kékfrankos, cabernet franc, merlot, syrah, kadarka and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Chief winemaker Ferenc Takler Jr. focused on achieving a refined complexity when creating the Örökség szekszárdi bikavér 2018. It is a wine varietal with a dynamic and fruity character, complemented nicely by a spiciness typical of Szekszárd wines and delicate tannins. The first prestigious recognition of the Örökség came from world renowned American wine expert James Suckling who gave it an overall score of 93 points out of 100.