Cabernet franc - Koch Csaba Vin Art Winery

The winery is located in Nagyharsány, in the heart of the Villány wine region. Their own, South-facing vineyards lie in one of the best areas of the wine region, in the Imre Valley of Diósviszló. Their production areas are nurtured with great care, with a high vine to hectare ratio. They impose a yield limit, grapes are carefully harvested and selected by hand. Their wines are made by merging modern technology with traditional winemaking. Their wines, created by nature, carry in themselves the gloominess of winter, the impetus of spring, the scorching heat of summer and the colourful magic of autumn, alongside the expertise and devoted labour of the winemaker.

Category-winner wine: Villányi franc 2017

Cabernet franc is the most significant variety in the Villány wine region, the standalone wine produced from it is marketed as Villányi Franc, distributed as a premium wine. Owing to the excellent location of the vineyards and the careful selection of grapes, the grapes were of the highest quality. The wine developed into a premium quality drink after small wooden barrel and bottle ageing. Dark chocolate and red berry notes characteristic of cabernet franc dominate this wine, well complemented by barrel ageing. It is a complex, elegant wine.

Koch Csaba Vin Art Winery