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Kadarka - Németh János Winery

This family winery has its origin in the Iván Valley and is proud of a tradition that goes back several generations, yet it is one of the youngest and dynamically growing Szekszárd wineries. 2018 was of particular importance in their lives, as it was the jubilee twentieth year of their independent harvest. Farming on more than 10 hectares, depending on the vintage, they produce approximately 50,000 bottles of wine, emphasising the advantages and opportunities of their terroir. They hold themselves to this philosophy throughout the process, be it kadarka, kékfrankos, white grapes or any other full-bodied global variety.

Their motto: “Simply from the vineyard.”

Category-winner wine: Szekszárdi Kadarka 2017

This light, elegant, fruity kadarka comes from the loess Gyűszű valley, harvested from a vineyard planted in 2010. Traditional fermentation, carried out spontaneously in a tank, tamping and reductive maturing are used to produce this wine. As typical for this variety, it is a translucent pale colour. Delicate strawberry aromas and floral notes appear in its profile, with a spiciness that creates a special character. Low tannins and lively acids lend an exciting and comely freshness to one sip of this wine. Juicy red fruits make this willowy structure vivid. An ideal wine for gastronomic adventures.

Németh János Winery