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Kadarka - Takler Wine Estate

The Takler Winery is a leading family estate in Hungary. The Takler estate, which also welcomes visitors, is one of the gems in the historic Szekszárd wine region. The currently 70 hectares of the Takler estate can be found on high quality land; this, coupled with a professionally planned viticultural and winemaking method, has brought success after success to the Takler winery, which exports its wines to many countries worldwide.

Category-winner wine: Kadarka 2015

Kadarka, the oldest and most characteristic grape variety of the Szekszárd wine region, has a cherry colour, a base of nice acids, and, most importantly, it is distinguished by a spicy character. These also appear in the 2015 wine, complemented by exciting aromas and a nice finish. This wine was bottled after a six-month maturation in steel tanks, thus guaranteeing the typical Kadarka quality as well as a vibrant and clear character.

Takler Wine Estate