Category-winner wineries

Bikavér - Vesztergombi Winery

The Vesztergombi family has been cultivating grapes and making wine on the hills of Szekszárd since the 1600s. The family coat of arms from the early 1700s testifies to this and is used on the labels. Winemaker of the Year 1993, Ferenc Vesztergombi and his son Csaba are carrying on the family tradition and managing the winery, one of the most prominent in the wine region. The 30-hectare estate mainly produces blue grapes, ranging from light kadarka to serious, full-bodied cabernet. Their wines, which retain the typical
Szekszárd character, but are also internationally appreciated and achieve outstanding results, are harvested from the best vineyards of Szekszárd and then carefully aged in the new winery on Borkút Street.

Category-winner wine: St. László Bikavér 2019

A blend of premium bikavér cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, shiraz, kadarka and kékfrankos, named after Saint Ladislaus, the patron saint of Szekszárd. It was aged in 300 and 500-litre new oak barrels for 24 months and then in bottles for a further six months. It has a lively, lovely, elegant texture and acid structure, with excellent complexity. Its aroma is richly fruity, with plenty of spicy notes and Szekszárd harmony. The generous spices in the barrel frame complete the wine. The long aftertaste and the rich sip ensure a long-lasting taste experience.