Other whites - Istvándy Winery

Istvándy Winery is a third-generation winery from the Badacsony wine region. The family intends to attach a greater role to the kéknyelű variety in the future of the winery. The young winemaker, Gergely Istvándy has been organising a professional symposium called “Tasting Kéknyelű” for other growers of kéknyelű since 2017. Their credo: Istvándy wines are timeless in style. They are characterised by simplicity, elegance and naturalness. Their range includes both light, youthful and classic wines of subtle elegance. They believe: “Elegance is not a superficial thing, but rather a way to express one’s respect for life and one’s own work.”

Category-winner wine: „Kékderű” Badacsonyi Kéknyelű 2019

In terms of the grapes, the weather of 2019 was favourable, therefore, the promise of a grand vintage lies within the autochton kéknyelű wines of Badacsony. Istvándy Winery has been involved in the rebirth of this legendary Hungarian variety from the very beginning. Kéknyelű has a fairly natural character, so it is well suited to showcase the characteristics of the terroir. The winning wine of the winery is endearingly fresh with reserved citrus notes in its aroma and taste, comely acidity and a pleasantly long finish. A wine of volcanic character, but elegant, with very long maturing potential.

Gergely Istvándy with one of the wines of Istvándy Winery