Kékfrankos - Csányi Winery

Located at the edge of the town of Villány, Csányi Winery was founded by Zsigmond Teleki, the most famous Hungarian winemaker, in 1881. His legacy is still a dominant factor in the long-term goals of the estate, as well as in its everyday life, but besides the values of the past, they consider the present and the future as being equally important. Momentum and enthusiasm, elegance and passion - is what this winery puts into its wine bottles. They own vineyards of outstanding quality, cultivated to the best of their knowledge, with the utmost care. The total area exceeds 380 hectares. The annual turnover of 2 million bottles is also a sign that they are heading in the right direction, their wines are widely popular.

Category-winner wine: Teleki Selection Villányi Kékfrankos 2017

The largest kékfrankos vineyard of the winery is located on the Dobogó slope, but they also have vines on the Agancsos, Csillagvölgy and Ördögárok slopes. Wines made from kékfrankos are typically dry red wines with lively acids, fruity and moderately rich in tannins, with a spicy character. The colour of the 2017 Teleki Selection Kékfrankos is a moderately intense ruby, with a mature scent dominated by cherries and blueberries. Fruity flavours continue in a sip,characterised by a round, long finish. For a briefer period aged in a barrel, but mostly aged in a reductive manner.

Csányi Winery