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Kadarka - Eszterbauer Winery

​​​​​​The Eszterbauer family were mentioned as winemakers in archived records as early as 1746. János Eszterbauer represents the tenth generation and runs the traditional business with his wife Mónika, his daughters Ildikó and Kata and winemaker Miklós Klein. To express their respect, their bottle labels show the pictures of their grandparents and great-grandparents as representatives of the peasant-urban life of Szekszárd in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of their products are from red species with kadarka, kékfrankos and bikavér as their leading wines, according to the conditions in Szekszárd. Their grape territories lie in the best valleys of the historical wine region: in Bodzás, Görögszó, Porkoláb Valley and Palánki Hill.

Category-winner wine: Nagyapám Szekszárdi Kadarka 2019

The past and our grandfathers may only be evoked by kadarka. If we encourage the world to recognise the special values of kadarka, which are completely different from other species, then it may have a future. This is the goal of the Eszterbauer Winery. The result of clone selection experiments and the selected fruit of the old vines give the intense, engaging, mostly raspberry, candy and punch aroma and elegant, complex, fruity-spicy taste of this wine. It is a nice, round, light wine just as we would expect from a kadarka.