Category-winner wineries

Olaszrizling - Zelna Winery

​​​​​​The story of the family winery began in 2014, with just a few hectares of grape plantation. This modest business has since grown into a modern, 16 hectare winery  comprising two vineyards in Balatonfüred and one vineyard in each of Balatonszőlős and Tihany. Wine production at Zelna is exclusively organic and sustainable. The prevailing grape variety of these vineyards is olaszrizling, the trademark variety of the Balatonfüred Csopak Wine Region. Olaszrizling is held in high regard in the region because it so clearly radiates the messages of each vinery. The winery’s varietal wines and cuvées are based on olaszrizling, szürkebarát, merlot, zweigelt and kékfrankos. The Zelna crew is relentless in constantly experimenting, learning new things and developing the vineyards so that their wines reflect the local and varietal  characteristics, as well as their perspective of their land and the world around them.

Category-winner wine: “Füred” Olaszrizling 2021

This “hill wine” is a flagship member of the Birtok selection. Farkó kő single vineyard, the source of the grapes for this wine, is unique in its climatic properties and has chalky subsoil. Vibrant, refreshing and displaying lean acids this deeply intricate olaszrizling was aged for one year in tanks rather than oak barrels. The aromas are elegant and sophisticated, and its taste is dominated by the tones of the mineral salts of the local soil, the citrusy undertone of the Balatonfüred summers, green apple and peach. Füred is a certified organic and vegan wine.