Category-winner wineries

Rozé - Koch Winery

​​​​​​Koch Winery has dealt with grapes and winemaking for generations in the Hajós-Baja wine region, in Borota. The modern winery has 150 hectares producing 27 kinds of wine and sells 800,000 bottles per year. Founder and chief winemaker Csaba Koch won the Winery of the Year award in 2014 and the Winemaker of the Year and the Best European Winery awards in 2019. Cserszegi fűszeres, cabernet sauvignon, kadarka and rosé wines are outstanding from the wines of this winery. Grapes from Villány are processed by the Vin Art winery in Nagyharsány.

Category-winner wine: Duna-Tisza közi Néró Rosé 2020

A well-balanced refreshing but engaging rosé wine from the winery. It is made from grapes picked by hand. It is a strawberry-coloured, unique, not typical rosé wine with a delicately sweet grape aroma and characteristic spicy taste. Néró grapes were improved by József Csizmadia and László Bereznai in the 1960s but it was first officially recognised in 1993. This grape can be harvested with an unusually high sugar content.