Category-winner wineries

Olaszrizling - Androsics Estate

The Androsics family have been working in the vineyards for four decades. Drawing on their vast knowledge and experience gained over the years, the development of the winery began in 2019 and the first wines were bottled in 2021. The winery is located in a picturesque setting on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in  Balatonőszöd, nestled amidst rows of in vines, with a stunning view of the buttes of the northern shore. The special feature of the Androsics wines is that they present  the fruitiness and lightness typical of South Balaton, yet at the same time, by keeping them on the lees, there are items that are complex, rich and creamy in texture. Ferenc Androsics truly believes in his own wines, in the Balatonboglár Wine Region and in the power of wine and gastro-tourism.

Category-winner wine: Olaszrizling Sur Lie 2022

The Androsics Estate has committed itself to the Balatonboglár Wine Region and its typical wine varieties. It has adopted the same approach to the premium category olaszrizling 2022. The wine is made using the sur lie method, i.e. kept on the lees, then in steel tanks and aged in oak barrels. It is a great expression of the character of South Balaton olaszrizling, a fruity and enjoyable wine, which at the same time has complex, refined, round acidity and buttery notes. Androsics Olaszrizling 2022 has also earned the higher category “Hill wine” certificate created by the Balaton Circle.