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Bikavér - Sebestyén Winery

This family winery is currently operating on 13 hectares in the southwestern part of Hungary, in the Szekszárd wine region. Their predominant variety is kékfrankos, also providing their base for the bikavér (bull’s blood) wines. Regardless of the vintage, the aim is to harvest the highest quality grapes every year, for which their vineyard are tended with the greatest possible care. They wish to showcase the wine-growing potential of this region, about which they continue to learn even today, through their single vineyard wines. Major areas: Iván valley, Porkoláb valley, Görögszó, Nána. Their wines are characterised by vigorous acids, the spiciness of Szekszárd, variety-specific flavours and elegance.

Category-winner wine: Szekszárdi Iván-völgyi Bikavér 2016

Bikavér is the most important wine of the winery, made from the grapes of the Iván Valley vineyards. The main aspect of blending is that the wine should remain elegant and well-suited for consumption. The base is kékfrankos, which is complemented by merlot, kadarka and cabernet franc. The 2016 vintage is characterised by a vivid garnet colour, with intense fruity and spicy notes. Rich in flavours: sour cherry and forest red berries appear with spicy notes. A sip of this wine is well-rounded, characterised by a silky texture and a long aftertaste. A very elegant wine showing the richness of a loess and limestone vineyard.

Two members of the Sebestyén family Winery