Bikavér - Thummerer Winery

The family business has been dealing with viticulture and winemaking since 1984. Located in the Eger wine region and spread across 100 hectares, Thummerer Winery produces wines, champagnes and pálinka from the grapes of their own vineyard. The centre of the winery is located in Noszvaj. The former 2,000 m2 dominium cellar was carved into the volcanic tuff rock over a hundred years ago, and in 2004 was further expanded with a new cellar system of 2,200 m2 also carved into tuff rock. The balanced climate of the cellar provides ideal conditions for wine ageing. State-of-the-art equipment and machinery is added to their technology each year - not just in the winery, but in the vineyard as well. Their goal is to achieve premium quality. Their wines have won prestigious awards at both domestic and international wine competitions.

Category-winner wine: Egri Bikavér Superior 2016

Red wines undergo 2-4 weeks of fermentation on the skin, are traditionally aged in oak barrels for 1.5-2 years, and are only distributed after at least six months of bottle ageing. Egri Bikavér Superior 2016 underwent 18 months of traditional wooden barrel ageing, then a long period of bottle ageing under ideal conditions for the wine. It is a dry red wine of protected origin. Produced in a very favourable vintage, with nice acids, high sugar content and spotlessly ripened grape varieties. It consists of kékfrankos, merlot, cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon and syrah.

Thummerer Winery