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Kadarka - Eszterbauer Winery

According to archive records, the family has been cultivating the hillsides of Szekszárd since 1746. The memory of their ancestors is preserved in the 20th century family photographs featured on wine labels and in often humorous, sometimes heart-wrenching stories. János Eszterbauer represents the tenth generation and runs the traditional business with his wife Mónika, his daughters Ildikó and Kata, and winemaker Miklós Klein. Most of their products are made from red species, reflecting local conditions. Kadarka, kékfrankos and bikavér as Szekszárd varieties celebrate the diversity of the wine region, while the international varieties enhance the international recognition of the winery. Built in 2019, their modern processing facility allows compromise-free winemaking from harvesting to bottling.

Category-winner wine: "Nagyapám" Szekszárdi Kadarka 2022

The past and our grandfathers can only be evoked with the kadarka. If the world recognises the special values of it, which are completely different from the international varieties, then it may have a future. This is the goal of the Eszterbauer Winery. Nagyapám kadarka is a tribute to their predecessor, the renowned vineyard owner from Szekszárd. The wine is the result of clone selection experiments and the selected fruit of the old vines, creating a highly elegant and complex palate.