Olaszrizling - Petrányi Cellar

Petrányi Cellar operates as a hidden family treasure on Szitahegy slope in Csopak. The winery and the cellar, designed by Ferenc Heimann, was built in the summer of 2001 and has been in constant development ever since. The building, which accommodates modern and traditional winemaking technology, blends in with the spirit of the thousand-year-old Balaton landscape, and with its fantastic panorama creates an exceptional atmosphere. The winery has grown to 3.5 hectares, and under the professional guidance of winemaker Ambrus Bakó it leverages the opportunities that lie in the unique wine production area. Since 2015, the exceptional wines, as well as seasonal, homely dishes made from local ingredients can be tasted all year round on the special, cosy terrace.

Category-winner wine: Olaszrizling Birtokválogatás 2017

A rich and honest wine, made from handpicked grapes under a 1.5 kg vine load. One part of it is aged in a steel container for 6 months, the rest in barrique barrels filled to their third, also for 6 months. Its colour is straw yellow, with the dominant yet subtle aromas of melon, kiwi, pineapple. Upon tasting, one can unravel mature characteristics, which gently embrace the unctuos mouthfeel and flavours coming from the grapes. It is a textbook example of conscious maturing technology, that demonstrate the processing of fairly ripe ingredients, and technological opportunities applied depending on content.

Petrányi Cellar