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Kékfrankos - Günzer Tamás Winery

Tamás Günzer started his enterprise in 1991 with a 0.3-hectare vineyard that his father gave him, and bottled his first wines seven years later. Currently the winery farms 80 hectares. Their most promising vineyards are located in the Bocor, Ördögárok and Kopár slopes, which have produced their award-winning wines, Ördögárok Merlot, and Grandior Merlot, a limited edition speciality. Their
emblematic, highly popular wines cover a fairly wide range, from light but firmly structured white wines to enjoyable rosés and prestigious red wines. The winery won the Winery of the Year Award 2019. For seven years, Roland Günzer has been the chief winemaker in this exemplary family business.

Category-winner wine: Bocor Kékfrankos 2020

One of the gems of the Villány wine region is the Bocor vineyard, located on the flank of the 243-metre-high Bocor-tető Hill, protected from three sides, in Kisharsány. The area has excellent conditions and is ideal for the cultivation of, among other varieties, the  kékfrankos. Tamás Günzer uses the kékfrankos in his rosés and in several of his large blends, but the 2020 vintage has tempted him to make an independent varietal wine resulting in a full-bodied, fruity, complex and elegant item, reminiscent of the finest red wines.