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Kadarka - Eszterbauer Winery

Data from 1746 in the Szekszárd archives already mentions the grape-growing Eszterbauer family, of which János Eszterbauer is a tenth-generation member. Due to the natural features of Szekszárd, a large part of winery’s repertoire is formed by red wines. Their vineyards are in the most famous valleys of this historic wine region: in Görögszó, Bodzás and the Porkoláb valley. Paying homage to their ancestors, their wine labels feature the now deceased Eszterbauer grandparents and great grandparents, who embody the 19th- and 20th-century provincial middle class milieu of Szekszárd.

Category-winner wine: Nagyapám (my grandfather) Kadarka 2017

The Nagyapám Kadarka is a result of clone selection experiments and a wine crafted from the select grapes of the old Kadarka vines of the estate. It has elegant and complex flavours. Its nice acids, spicy tones and crispy fruitiness make it an excellent companion for traditional Hungarian dishes. Several vintages have been included in the wine selection for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thus it might on occasion be served at the receptions of Hungarian diplomatic representations; moreover, it can be found in the selection of renowned wine bars in New York.

János Eszterbauer