Category-winner wineries

Furmint - Péter Winery

The third-generation winery has its production centre in Tokaj and vineyards in Tarcal. Their vines are nurtured on five hectares of land and include furmint,  hárslevelű, muscat blanc, kövérszőlő, zéta and kabar. The carefully selected grapes age in the cellars in sessile oak barrels, refined into a unique creation. The clean,  contemporary ‘cloak’ covers the kind of wines that it promises: firmly defined wines, crafted with assured expertise and representing unique value. Separating the cluster from its vine, putting it into crates, then barrels after processing and finally into  bottles is a major responsibility and an even greater pleasure for the winery.

Category-winner wine: Tokaji Frumint Thurzó Dűlő 2021

The winery grows furmint in four vineyards, and its wines are highly versatile,  reflecting the variety of different vintages. The 2021 dry wine is a unique piece made from selected grapes from the Thurzó vineyard in Tarcal. Only wholesome, 100% botrytis-free grapes were harvested, which after chilled tank fermentation spent five months both in new and used 220 litre barrels made of mediumroasted Zemplén oak. Made from fruit grown in the loess, this varietal furmint is light and fruity, and thanks to the subtle notes of barrel and bottle ageing, it is a t ruly elegant wine.