Category-winner wineries

Kadarka - Mészáros Pál Borház Winery

​​​​​​The art of wine growing and making has been passed from father to son for centuries in the Mészáros family. Managing an estate of over 130 hectares of vineyards, the winery has a wide range of grape varieties allowing them to be present in the Hungarian and international markets with over 30 wines. The family has been fully committed to promoting kadarka and kékfrankos. Wine is made applying traditional oxidative and closed system reductive technologies, in steel tanks, auto controlled red wine fermenting tanks, with constant, lab based quality monitoring; aging takes place in normal and barrique barrels. The wines are aged in cellars dug in the local loess rock, at an optimal temperature and in optimal conditions before bottling.

Category-winner wine: Szekszárdi Kadakra 2019

The ripe, healthy kadarka grapes come from the hills around the town of Szekszárd, green picked from selected (reduced yield) vines with a 1.5kg load. The harvested  grapes are then carefully processed to prevent the release of the strong tannins, resulting in silky smooth wines, which are then aged in oak barrels. The aromas of this  typical Szekszárd kadarka are dominated by honey and spiciness, and the taste reveals the unique richness and warm spiciness of the grape variety. This is a silky wine with a long finish. The recommended consumption temperature is 16 18°C. In 2022 the Szekszárdi kadarka 2019 was named Wine of the Town of Szekszárd.