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Kékfrankos - Günzer Winery

The family-run business started in 1990, first on 0.5 hectares and with 1,500 bottles sold. By now, these figures have changed to 25 hectares and 150,000 bottles. The wines are made of grapes from the southern slopes of Villány. The Günzer Winery strives to exploit the local natural characteristics to bring the maximum out of their wines, while preserving the unique qualities of each slope and vintage. They regard it as their mission to create wines that delight wine-makers and consumers alike. The vineyards were settled from 1998. Technological investment began in 2001 and is still on-going, since good quality grapes and technology go hand in hand. The Günzer Winery firmly believes that family estates should have a scale allowing them to be personally involved in every phase of the work and to be attached to every wine that they craft.

Category-winner wine: Kékfrankos Prémium 2012

Kékfrankos was settled by the winery itself on the southern, hot Bocor slope. The clone they used had tiny berries and loose bunches. The soil contains limestone and is not rich, thus the grape virtually restricts itself. Only five small bunches are kept in each vine in order to achieve the desired density and thickness’ (body). This wine was aged in small wooden barrels for two and a half years. There is no trace of austerity or harsh acids; this beautiful wine rather shows the roundness and fine character of the grape variety.

Family members of Günzer Winery