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Kékfrankos - Riczu Tamás Winery

​​​​​​The Riczu Tamás Winery is located in the Akasztófa vineyard, opposite Siklós Castle, in the heart of the Villány Wine Region. The 7-hectare vineyard is cultivated with an eco conscious approach, only using plant friendly and chemical-free substances. Wine production involves exclusively natural, vegan ingredients free from animal derivatives. The annual output is a maximum of 40 50,000 bottles, marketed with classicus, premium or super premium designation to certify their protected origin of the Villány Wine Region. The winery strives to introduce sophisticated wine consumption to Hungarian wine lovers, represent and promote quality wine and prove on the international scene that Hungary has excellent wine regions  providing the world with the highest quality wines.

Category-winner wine: Villányi Kékfrankos 2019

A stunningly beautiful, genuine Villány red wine that gives a decidedly characteristic  representation of the kékfrankos grape variety. The wine is aged for 16 months in 225 litre, second filled Hungarian oak barrels, giving it tones of ripe, juicy cherry and sour cherry  combined with the intensive tones of the spices used, for a pleasantly acrid overall sensation. Fiery youth meets full bodied, well balanced firmness in this wine of high extract content, nicely softened tannins and a long finish. The Villányi Kékfrankos 2019 was listed in the 2022 Top 25 wines of the Pannon Wine Region.