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Furmint - Dobogó Winery

The winery of the Zwack family and Attila Domokos cultivate five hectares at the heart of Tokaji Wine Region, a renowned historic wine region since the 18th century. They follow a true-to-nature approach in their viticultural and wine-making method. Their most important aim is to show the world the fresh, vibrant and exciting face of Tokaj, while preserving tradition.

Category-winner wine: Dobogó Tokaji Furmint 2015

The pale straw colour of this wine is reminiscent of the dry and sunny summer of 2015. Its aroma is dominated by the classic fruitiness of pear typical of Furmint. Its crystal clear structure becomes evident during tasting; it is sweetly smooth with each sip. Its fresh pear and pineapple aromas are accompanied by beautiful mineral and salty notes.

Two members of Dobogó Winery